Sonidos Grandes Live at Taj Lounge NYC


Sonidos Grandes with Taj Lounge NYC promoter Talia Castro-Pozo

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 Live Salsa Band for New York Corporate Events and Weddings




With one out of every four New Yorkers having Hispanic roots, it’s no wonder why New York City is the destination for Sizzling Salsa music! No other genre can heat up a room faster nor fail to move the most conservative of guests! It’s the ultimate party music! Heck, even their sad songs sound happy!
Russ has the almost-unique vantage point of being both a seasoned professional musician AND an accomplished Salsa Dancer, studying with world-class instructors including the legendary ‘Mambo King’(the real one) and Tito Puente’s former lead dancer, Eddie Torres. Transferring what he learned on the dance floor back to the bandstand, Russ guarantees an authentic performance with sabor!
Hence, the band name, Sonidos Grandes; mambos cortos (big sounds; short mambos). Like popular NYC Latin hot spots including SOBsGonzales y Gonzales, Taj Loungeand Mambo Mondays at Session 73,  you can experience a 5-piece band that can sound like 10, yet has the sensitivity with song length, volume, and mood/tempo changes. Did we mention 5-piece bands are more budget-friendly without sacrificing sound or excitement?
Impress your guests with classics from the Mambo Masters: Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Cal Tjader, Johnny Pacheco, Chucho Valdes, Bebo Valdes, and many more!

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